Spike & Jeremiah
Est. Dec 2012
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Enjoy both children's books featuring Spike & Jeremiah

The Adventures of Spike & Jeremiah

The Adventures of Spike & Jeremiah touches on the power of imagination in children. This book highlights the relationship between a young boy and his reptile as they discover the wonders of the world by incorporating art, friendship, and wonder.

The Adventures of Spike & Jeremiah

Bookworks in Albuquerque, NM

We love LOCAL Bookstores, this is one of our favorites from my hometown. They carry both books! Stop by and tell them we said hello!

Kitchen Table Sacramento

We are excited to be at this table! Thank you Susan for welcoming our books into your wonderful store. If you need a gift for absolutely anyone they have it! Pick up a book while your at it! Shop Local Sacramento

Where will #SpiketheBeardedDragon be next?

We love our mascot #SpiketheBeardedDragon 

Where will he be next?!

Jeremiah Interview's Jason & Jeff from Aquarium Depot